What does the course involve?

The course website and tutor are open to you for six weeks. We suggest you allow yourself up to 2 hours per week for the course, leaving you plenty of time to get on with other things in your life!

If this will be your first time with an online course, relax. It is a perfect introduction to online learning, and you will soon discover the ease, flexibility and convenience that offers.

You need just basic computer skills during the course, and if you want technology support, it is just a click of the mouse button away.

We supply interesting and comprehensive course notes that explain the key information you need to know. You need those week by week as we look at the different course topics.

Starting your own professional reference library of websites and documents.

So you don't have to spend time searching the internet we have found the relevant web pages for your, and during the course your tutor will supply extra resources that their experience tells them will be useful for you.

For your convenience we have all the Course Key Points summarised for you to download and keep as a handy future reference point.

Becoming part of a course community each week.

You will hear personally from your tutor, and they are there to answer any questions you might have about your own needs and interests. What a unique chance to get advice directly from such a highly experienced person!

At times throughout the course we want to get you thinking and hear about your experiences by means of weekly tasks that are based on selected course topics. You write your answers in our Task Talk forum so the tutor and other course members can read them. Your answers are not graded or marked but your tutor will respond with professional support, suggestions or resources to what you have written.

You are part of a course community - you are also able to see what the other course members write, and be able to interact online with them swapping knowledge and resources.

We ask that you make contribution to all weekly Tasks, and prove you can remember the key facts by successfully passing the knowledge recall online test. Do so, and we will recognise your efforts with a Course Completion Certificate.

Note: Although the required test pass rate is high, you can have several attempts at it, which is helpful as it allows you to become familiar with the types of questions that are involved and can do some research on facts between times.

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